Permitted ways to snow tube:
  • Put lanyard (tow rope) in bottom of tube before sitting.
  • Connect to others in your group by hanging onto each otherís handles. DO NOT connect using LANYARDS!
  • Connect to others in a TRAIN fashion. (Single file line with boots under arms of person in front.)
  • No more than 6 in a tubing group or as attendant advises, depending on conditions.
  • Snow tubers must wait until instructed by attendant that it is safe to proceed.
  • When riding by self, you may sit on bottom or ride on stomach. No kneeling or standing!
  • Snow tubers age 4 or under riding by themselves, are restricted to Lane 1 only (for lane crossing safety purposes).

  • Occasionally during peak visiting hours, guests may outnumber snow tubes and we will ask you to pass snow tubes to the front of the tow line (similar to water park protocol). This helps to ensure that everyone has a snow tube when it is their turn. Please be courteous to staff and other guests should this occur.
  • No abusive language, aggressive behavior, cutting in line, or hooking self on empty tow hook is allowed. Staff will give one warning and if problem persists, management will ask you to leave the park.
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